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Overview of the game White Gold: War in Paradise

GameplayDeep Shadows set foot on the path of originality, but unsuccessfully. A cross between a shooter and role-playing game this year is more than ever in fashion, and competitors (Far Cry 2, Fallout 3) have already achieved recognition around the world. In their shadow, Xenus 2 can not surprise us at all, but perhaps it will attract an atmosphere or a special sense of humor.

One of the funniest jokes is the story tie. Clouds were gathering over America: a large batch of poisoned cocaine entered the black market. We understand that cocaine is a poison in itself. In the US, the problem was seen differently: show business is in danger. Democrats immediately turned to the services of the rescuer – special agent Saul Myers – and sent him to another country, in order to investigate the “cocaine murders” and prevent the death of hundreds of glamorous stars.

Cox delivers the paradise country of Columbia, and I must say, Sol has every opportunity to combine a useful mission with a pleasant vacation. We are waiting for walks on the beaches and jungle, hunting with a camera for porn stars and scenic landscapes, trips by boat from the island to the island and diving in warm water. The reverse side of Caribbean romance – bullets of bandits, partisans, drug mafia, official authorities and the CIA, and towards the end also the spears of the Indians. Saul does not like bullets and very quickly dies from them, which makes one think about the detour: money and diplomacy. A measure of the success of the latter are the stripes of the rating. They completed the assignment – they deserved support, they sent some photos of their dead friends – and hunting was announced for your scalp. As you can see, in Xenus 2 no one takes us by the handle: go anywhere and work for anyone, just find a way to fulfill the main goal. The winner will be one who will be able to maintain good relations, both with criminals, and with the authorities. This is difficult, because often the respect of one side can only be achieved at the cost of the death of their opponents.

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With money, there is no such problem: the more of them, the better, and generally without money simply in any way. On trophy guns you will not last long, you need to constantly be overstocked by traders. Respect for powerful people is also measured in dollars. In addition to the passage of the main story Sol’s wallet will have to do three serious bloodletting three times. Thus, in Xenus 2, we just have to explore the world and perform additional missions. Fortunately for the invention of Deep Shadows’ tasks, they spared no effort. We will be offered a classic job of the killer and bodyguard, will be asked to commit several terrorist attacks, to explore the drug baron’s mansion, and also to be able to hunt for rare personnel in the role of a photo reporter and sow leaflets with the revolutionary spirit among decent Colombians.

This is the role of the role of Xenus 2: we choose our allies and enemies, and we also perform tasks at our discretion. The outfit and development of the hero play a secondary role. Before our very eyes, the transformation of the salaga into a death machine will not happen. Sol will just replace several weapons and learn 36 perks that will help him run and swim faster, jump higher, breathe longer underwater, wear more items, get less bullet damage and so on. Bleeding undeservedly was relegated to the level of one of the features, and after all, the developers paid more attention to it, it certainly would affect the game process only positively.

Instead, Deep Shadows tried to jump higher than the head in small things. It did not turn out brilliantly. You can note the humor in the dialogues, but somehow you do not want to laugh, and you can not call the natural speech of the heroes. You can enjoy interesting conversations with the characters of extras, but then raspberries will spoil repetitive faces and meaningless names like “man” or “old man.” It’s great that there is a breaking of the locks, but no one cares about transport hijacking anyway. In addition, developers doomed players to war with bugs, which are especially numerous in quests: they will be sent to a non-existent NPC, then they will issue the same task twice.

How to play gameThe core of the Xenus 2 is the medium-quality shooter. Enemies are pretty clever – they are selected to the player zigzagging, hiding behind shelters, adore to bypass from the flanks, and, having gathered the herd, slowly and correctly lead the virtual body of the player into unfitness. Will fall on hands – you can not shoot, hurt in a leg – it will not turn out to run. There are medicines, but abuse of them leads to dependence. Even in the game there is a fair park of all kinds of transport: 25 species, from a jeep to a helicopter. To some of them (an airplane, for example) it is better not to approach: because of diabolical physics you will instantly get into an accident. Others, like a boat, are surprisingly obedient to the orders of the keyboard. What the game really lacks is entertainment. Any impressive explosions, slowed down time or spectacular jumps. Xenus 2 was too positive. It seems that just about everyone will throw their weapons, and they will enjoy the sun, the sea and palm trees.

The free world and the genre of the shooter / RPG are not just fashion trends in computer games, they are also very difficult to implement. Nevertheless, the creators of Xenus 2, these difficulties were tough. The project keeps afloat, despite the clearly subsiding role-playing part and the work of writers.

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