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Masyanya under the yellow press: Review

Gameplay Masyanya is one of the main legends of Runet. The brash and cynical maiden “60-90-60” won users from the first frame. Cartoons with her participation were instantly taken away to quote, many phrases still retained the status of the winged ones. But gradually the production of new flash movies came to naught, and we even dared to think that Oleg Kuvayev forgot about his brainchild. It turned out, in vain: she returned again, this time as the main character of the new quest.

In the animated game “Masyanya under the Yellow Press” our ideal girl decided to try his hand at journalism. True, it brought it for some reason into the ordinary “yellow” newspaper “Near You”, which specializes in all kinds of abnormal phenomena. So Masyanya now most of the time hunts ghosts, vampires and other aliens. Alas, at every step it is waiting for troubles, tests and obstacles of all stripes – we will help them in their overcoming. The incompetent secretary, the absent-minded boss, the best friend, whose apartment was flooded by neighbors from the top, is the main character, pursuing her own goals, is forced to solve the problems of others. By the way, among the latter – friends on cartoons Hryundel and Shaggy.

All the necessary, as usual, at hand: rummaging in the corners, we will certainly stumble upon the right tools, parts and ingredients. Unexpectedly for himself, Masyanya will demonstrate the skills of electrical engineering, a repairman, a chemist and even milkmaids. All we will learn on the go, understanding the intricacies of the process along the way. Sometimes you have to go for not the most plausible actions: say, lull the “secret” in the waiting room, deceive the guard in the cemetery and search the bags of neighbors on the coupe. What can you do about it: the profession of a journalist sometimes requires victims of this kind. http://web-game.info

Games OnlineAlong with the traditional search for quests and combining the necessary facilities, from time to time there will be a mini-game. Add the puzzle piece, restore the circuit, find the pair items, pick up the digital code – in principle, after a certain time we will be offered to skip the task, but I do not think that someone will take advantage of this option. First, these problems are not so complicated, and secondly, it is a pleasure to solve them.

Stalled at some point and can not imagine what to do next? It is worth using the hint: clicking on the question mark next to the portrait of the main character, you will see a small circle, indicating that fragment of the location, which should pay special attention. However, to reactivate this function, you need to wait a little, and the more impressive the serial number of trying to facilitate your passage, the longer you have to wait. In addition, the time it takes to restore an option depends also on the game mode. There are two of them: for beginners and experts. The latter allows you to earn more points, but removes some interface elements that help to cope with tasks, and increases the recovery period prompts.

Free gameThe sweetest we left last – in front of us is an incredibly funny game, which is quite expected, because in the center of attention is Masyanya herself. Yes, perhaps, the aphoristic phrases in “Yellow Press” are much less than in cartoons, but the language in which dialogues and sarcastic comments of the chapter hero are written are beyond praise: light, funny, it recreates a familiar atmosphere and causes a desire to revise flash movies already which became classics.

Oleg Kuvaev once again confirmed his talent, giving us a truly masterpiece project. In it everything is genius simple and perfect: absurd, but from this no less exciting story, hilarious replicas, various and moderately complex tasks, a pretty picture. In general, you must play!

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